Bruenor Rockseeker


Bruenor Rockseeker is a male dwarven smith, who currently makes his home in the city of Baldur’s Gate. He is a friend to Ander Blackbriar and a trusted ally of the party.


Until around 802, Age of Tusks, he served as an auxiliary blacksmith for the Baldur’s Gate army, and formed both a professional relationship and a lasting friendship with Anders. Following The Butchery On Troll Hills, Anders expressed interest in leaving the city and heading north to seek his own fortune. Bruenor made introductions to his cousin in Neverwinter, Gundren Rockseeker, who eventually called on Anders to assist him with his troubles in Phandalin.

Once the party returned to Baldur’s Gate, Anders reached out to Bruenor for information regarding the Cult of the Black Star or any other recent strange happenings throughout the city. Bruenor was able to tell the party that he had heard rumor of a dwarven smith from the Dragonscale Clan who was somewhere in the city, perhaps working with the Duke or Magister in order to create the Heartstone equipment that was being used by the Spellbreaker guards.

Bruenor Rockseeker

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