Degran is a male human thief, and current guildmaster of the Thieves Guild of Neverwinter.


Degran considers himself a rival of Anakis, and acts jealous of the attention granted to her by the guild leader, Xanlas Perlana. While he would never be foolish enough to attack Anakis without direct orders, he is known to take advantage of every opportunity given to him to cause trouble for Anakis and her friends.

Upon her return to Neverwinter after a few months absence, Anakis learned that Xanlas Perlana, former guildmaster, had been deposed by Degran. The two had disagreed over selling-out the heroes to a group of interested persons – assumed to be either the Cult of the Black Star, the Zhentarim, or both. Their disagreement erupted in violence, and Xanlas barely escaped with his life, thanks to Xanlas’ bodyguard Urag Dumog’s great skill as a warrior. Xanlas now resides in hiding while Degran runs the Guild, devoting a large amount of resources in his attempts to locate the ex-guildmaster.


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