Droop is a friendly little male goblin, much smaller and more frail than the average goblin. He is a trusted ally of the party.


Droop was first encountered by the party during their raid on the Red Brands’ hideout under Tresendar Manor in Phandalin where his bugbear masters where forcing him to degrade himself for their amusement. After getting the jump on the bugbears, Droop quickly surrendered to the party, promising that he was of no threat to them. Unable to survive by himself Droop ingratiated himself with the party, especially Anakis who had a soft spot for the little creature. After clearing the manor of the bandits, Droop was taken with the party into town, where after a brief stay in the jail cells, was set free with a promise to behave and was given a job and lodgings at the Phandalin general store.


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