Erathus Mol


Erathus Mol was a male human wizard, and was until his death the Magister of Baldur’s Gate, the highest position of magical authority in that city. He went missing along with his unit while leading a military campaign in the Underdark against a drow army in 755, Age of Tusks and is presumed dead.


The party learned of Erathus Mol from Aelin, who told them that the construction of an amulet retrieved from a member of the Cult of the Black Star seemed to be similar to his craftsmanship.

He is believed to have perished in the Underdark in the year 755, Age of Tusks during The Decade of Darkness while leading a military strike against a drow army detachment which was heading for the city of Baldur’s Gate. The maneuver successfully halted the drow advance towards the city, but at great cost: there were no survivors.

Erathus Mol

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