Francis Baxten


Francis Baxten of Baldur’s Gate is a male human and was the Duke of Baldur’s Gate, the de-facto leader of the city, until 807 Age of Tusks when he was arrested and charged with treason and conspiracy to commit acts of magical atrocity with his late brother, Leopold Baxten, the Magister of the city during the time of his rule. He was stripped of his lands and titles and sentenced to serve the remainder of his years in the city prison.


Francis ruled the city of Baldur’s Gate as Duke alongside the Magister, his brother Leopold Baxten.

Prior to becoming Duke, he was a general in the Baldur’s Gate army, where he led many battles against the barbarian tribesmen of Trollbark Forest, to the north. His hubris and flawed military tactics caused what was to become known as The Butchery On Troll Hills, wherein an entire battalion of soldiers – including Ander Blackbriar – were sent into a vicious ambush, with very few survivors. Ultimately, this failure brought an end to the conflict via a stalemate with the tribesmen. Though shrewd political maneuvering however, Francis was able to place the blame on the then-current Duke of Baldur’s Gate, High Lord Christopher Holliden, who was then stripped of his title as Duke and was quickly replaced by Francis.

After taking power in Baldur’s Gate, Francis earned a reputation as a cruel dictator, raising taxes, creating confusing new laws, and increasing the number of patrols within the city. He held onto his power by using a combination of bribery and blackmail, ensuring that he had the continued support of the majority of nobles within the city’s political sphere. Both his political support and the keep’s coffers had been dwindling over the years, but in exchange for allowing them to set up a church in the city, received monthly installments of gold from the Cult of the Black Star which he used to retain his position.

Following the Battle for Baldur’s Gate in 807, he was arrested by the heroes as well as Lord Tai Baeliche and a few days later, sentenced to prison for life for his complicity in the events.

Francis Baxten

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