Gundren Rockseeker


Gundren Rockseeker is a male dwarven prospecter and smith, and friend of Ander Blackbriar. He is currently heading operations of the mines in Wave Echo Cave with his surviving brother, and is a trusted ally of the party.


Gundren met Anders in the city of Neverwinter while Anders was freelancing as a bodyguard. Gundren, along with his two brothers, found a map to the long-lost platinum mines of Wave Echo Cave. During his journey to the town of Phandalin, he was captured along with his escort Sildar Hallwinter, and was interrogated by The Black Spider into giving up the location of the mine. His brothers managed to send word to Neverwinter and sought the assistance of Anders, as well as freelancing adventurer Anakis. Thankfully, he was rescued by the Heroes of Phandalin and the cultists were driven out of the mines.

Gundren Rockseeker

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