High Lord Christopher Holliden


High Lord Christopher Holliden was a male human noble and ex-Duke of Baldur’s Gate. He died in 802, Age of Tusks.


High Lord Holliden was the Duke of Baldur’s Gate for many years and ruled beside the then-Magister, Erathus Mol. His dukedom ended in 801, Age of Tusks when his position was usurped by Lord Francis Baxten of Baldur’s Gate, who used the military failure of The Butchery On Troll Hills to politically outmaneuver Holliden.

Holliden was generally considered a good leader in his time, but is believed by his contemporaries to have been too soft politically, which allowed men like Lord Francis Baxten to steal power from him without much of a fight.

He died in relative obscurity and shame in the later part of the year 802, Age of Tusks.

High Lord Christopher Holliden

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