Ilarno Albrek


Ilarno Albrek (aka Glasstaff) was a male human wizard. He was killed by the Heroes of Phandalin in 807, Age of Tusks.


Ilarno had defected from the Lord’s Alliance to pursue selfish goals in and around the town of Phandalin. He had established himself as the leader of a local group of thugs called the Red Brands and was cooperating with a drow woman going by the name of The Black Spider – a high-ranking member of the Cult of the Black Star which was operating out of the ancient mines of Wave Echo Cave, south of Phandalin. During his time there, he somehow found himself in possession of an ancient artifact known as The Rod of Negative Power. The Rod’s power corrupted Ilarno and drove him into madness. Using the Rod’s power, he resurrected the many dead and buried victims from the ancient ruins of Phandalin and attempted to seize control of the town. He was killed by the Heroes of Phandalin.

Ilarno Albrek

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