Leopold Baxten


Lord Leopold Baxten of Baldur’s Gate is a male human noble, archmage, and the current Magister of Baldur’s Gate, the highest position of magical authority in the city.


Leopold rules the city of Baldur’s Gate as Magister alongside the Duke, his brother Francis Baxten. Using his position as Magister, and his talent for magical enchantment, Leopold has placed a magical stranglehold on the city, controlling the flow of magical items throughout the city, and placing heavy restrictions on the use of magic within the city walls. He has his own private guard – called “Spellbreakers” – which are equipped with specially-enchanted equipment to aid them in resisting and controlling magic-users. Heavy fines and penalties are levied against any people who break these rules.

The party has discovered that he has some kind of arrangement with the Cult of the Black Star and has been accepting shipments of Heartstone from them, though the reason for and exact nature of this arrangement is not currently known.

Leopold Baxten

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