The Black Spider


The Black Spider (aka Nezzna) was a female drow assassin, and a high-ranking member of the Cult of the Black Star. She was killed by the Heroes of Phandalin in 807, Age of Tusks.


The Black Spider was operating in the region surrounding Phandalin, and was responsible for organizing the goblin tribes in the area into raiding the town and otherwise distracting the authorities and any other interested parties. She was tasked with finding the location of the long-forgotten Wave Echo Cave, which was rumored to house an ancient and powerful magical artifact called The Rod of Negative Power. She was also responsible for kidnapping Gundren Rockseeker for the map which was in his possession. Eventually, the Heroes of Phandalin caught up with her in Wave Echo Cave and put an end to the cult’s operations in the region, but she managed to escape capture.

After sending several groups of assassins after the heroes, the three adventurers managed to get the drop on her in her hideout in the city of Baldur’s Gate. She was killed in the attack and the hideout was set aflame.

The Black Spider

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