Vemi Dran


Lady Vemi Dran of Neverwinter is a female human noble of the city of Neverwinter, and the current Guildmistress of the Lord’s Alliance, Neverwinter chapter.


Lady Dran first met the Heroes of Phandalin after their triumphant return from Phandalin. Sildar Hallwinter, her trusted subordinate and ally of the adventurers, recommended their immediate induction into the Lord’s Alliance as Recruits. She first tasked them with investigating a rash of disappearances in the poorer district of Neverwinter. After finding and destroying a hideout belonging to the Cult of the Black Star, the heroes were quickly promoted to Member rank and then dispatched along with Sildar to the city of Baldur’s Gate, where they were to assist the guild’s chapter in the city with more reports of cult activity.

Vemi Dran

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