Wigast Bazaxt – known to his friends as “Wizbang” – is a male human wizard, 5’9" tall with dirty white skin, messy grey hair, and a large grey beard. He typically wears multi-colored patchwork robes with no uniform pattern and many clashing patches. His robes are missing the right sleeve, exposing his skinny, pale arm upon which he wears an assortment of odd-looking bracelets all the way up past his elbow. He has a big floppy wizard hat with the same patchwork style as his robes, and he carries a strange looking, gnarled wooden staff. He is a trusted – if unpredictable – ally of the party.


Wizbang first met the party in Baldur’s Gate, where he was being accosted by a Spellbreaker for illegal use of teleportation magic. He seemed confused by these strange rules and called out to the party for assistance. The guards attempted to arrest Wizbang and were defeated rather handily, with some small help from the party.

While attempting to investigate the Baldur’s Gate prison in relation to the Cult of the Black Star activity in the city, the party sent word to Wizbang for assistance in entering the prison. Though he was able to teleport them inside the prison, his teleportation seemed slightly inaccurate, both in space.. and in time.

Wizbang tends to speak in a jumbled, rambling way, and is – or at least acts – easily confused by the world around him. He is never seen in the same place twice, and when he does respond to correspondence does so in a supernaturally-timely fashion, though he doesn’t always respond reliably.

The party is unsure of Wizbang’s involvement in the various events that surround them, and find his convenient timing a little suspicious. Regardless, he considers himself a friend of the party and can be relied on to help – or well, at least he’ll try to help.. if he’s available!


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