Xanlas Perlana


Xanlas Perlana is a male half-elf thief, and current leader of the Thieves Guild in Neverwinter.


Xanlas runs the Thieves Guild of Neverwinter from an unknown number of safehouses spread throughout the city, randomly moving between them for cover. Wherever Xanlas goes, his loyal bodyguard Urag Dumog can be found nearby, making sure that Xanlas’ hold on his position is absolute.

Xanlas has always taken a bit of a liking to Anakis, and for a time, employed her as a guild cleric, where she leveraged her abilities as a cleric of Corellon to both bless thieves before critical heists, and to patch up wounded members afterwards. Xanlas made the mistake of sending her along with a small group of thieves to steal a ring of peculiar magical power on behalf of an anonymous party. Upon seeing this ring, she became charmed into wearing it and was both cursed and “gifted” with her warlock abilities. Unable to remove the ring, Anakis was forced to flee the guild and the city, taking a last-minute caravan escort job heading to Phandalin.

Upon her return to Neverwinter, Xanlas sought her out and allowed her to make a deal: if she returned the ring and did a small favor for him, Xanlas would clear her debt to the guild and allow her to walk free. With the help of the other Heroes of Phandalin, their mission was a success. Xanlas was so pleased by this, that he offered to continue their work on a per-contract basis, should Anakis and her friends ever be in the need for work in the city.

Xanlas Perlana

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